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Be Anxious for nothing; take time to  find calm in a chaotic world. 


Parenting Tip:

One of the best things you can do for your child is develop a relationship that is authentic. The child has confidence in you, they know the family rules and they know that they can confide in you. They can ask questions and you will listen. Together you can come up with the best solution.

We work with children, adolescent, adults and families. What sets us apart is the way faith, spirituality and theology are incorporated into the your care. Pastoral counselors believe this incorporation of spiritual exploration and support can foster wholeness, healing, and growth in those who are seeking helpWe advocate for healthy family relationships and promote community issues that build strong families.

Pastoral Care will:

  • Help you discover the answers within
  • Use Prayer and Your Spiritual tradition in healing
  • Provide clarity of values and relationships
  • Co-create a plan for how to achieve what you really want
  • listen and exercise presence
  • Support you in making life changing decisions
  • Challenge you to expand your views beyond your perceived limitations
  • Provide guidance, acknowledgment and encouragement
  • Help You Tell Your Story
  • Help you to become accountable for the decisions you make

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